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The Polo Fields - Mission

The Community's products and services must enrich people's lives and enhance their relationships. That creativity and quality-in the Community's concepts, products, and services - are essential to success. That the people of the Polo Fields are our Community's most valuable resource. That distinguished financial performance is a must, not as an end to itself, but as a means to accomplish our broader mission.

The values that guide the Community:

Excellence in all we do. Ethical and moral conduct at all times and in our relationships. Innovation in all areas of business as a means of attaining and sustaining leadership. Corporate social responsibility of Louisville and to the community in which we operate.

These beliefs and values guide the Community's business strategies, our corporate behavior, and our relationships with customers, communities, suppliers and each other.



Contact Information

Polo Fields Community Association
7025 Shelbyville Road
Simpsonville, KY 40067

(502) 722-8735

President: Doug Johnson
Vice President: Jean Snavely
Project Manager: Barbara Kaelin
Administrator: Elizabeth Sanders

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