About and President’s Message

At Polo Fields Community Association, we pride ourselves on keeping our residents connected through events and activities. Our on-site manager is proud of our community engagement, and through our website and mobile app, we keep everyone informed about area happenings, maintenance, security, events, and more.

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From the HOA President…

Hello Neighbors,
As we begin the holiday season, like many of you, I feel this year cannot end soon enough. Two events that were cancelled in the spring were successfully rescheduled: the neighborhood yard sale and the annual paper shredding event in the club’s parking lot. Both events were eagerly awaited and very well received and attended. Hopefully, these will continue to be annual events.

The community HOA open meeting has been rescheduled from the traditional November meeting date until January 26, 2021. This change reflects the uncertainty of holding a large meeting indoors plus the HOA’s ability to provide an actual 12-month expense report.

By the time this newsletter reaches your mailbox, the security cameras will be fully implemented and online. Also, be on the lookout for the new and improved HOA website scheduled to be launched in November. This new and improved site will be very user friendly and provide homeowners access to information
pertinent to your individual needs.

As the holiday season approaches, via our new website we will be announcing some new and some returning events to make the season bright for all. Please keep December 5th circled on your calendar to help the Polo Fields community kick-off the 2020 season.

And of course, as the year ends, it is your opportunity to submit your application to serve on the Homeowners Association executive board. Next year, we are in need to fill two vacant positions. Please contact Barb Kaelin at barbara@polofieldscommunityassociation.com and she will send you an application to serve. The
Polo Fields has many exciting new projects and, if you want to be an integral part of them, please volunteer.

Doug Johnson, current HOA President