Update from the Safety Committee and the HOA Board

The Flock camera systems have been installed. The next component is the creation of a camera registry among our residents who have outdoor cameras installed. This will allow homeowners to voluntarily share footage if an incident happens on their street. A member of the safety committee would be in contact to determine if you saw anything on your camera around the time the incident occurred. If you have an outdoor camera of any sort at your house, please complete the following form: Polo Fields HOA/Safety Committee Camera Info Request Form to provide the necessary information. This information will be maintained and held by the safety committee only and will not be shared.

The Safety Committee is moving forward with the neighborhood watch and they need your help!!! They have broken up The Polo Fields into 19 sections. some area’s having 65 homes, 46 homes, as well as some with 60,70 and 80 homes. They need volunteers!!!! Some of the larger areas will need several Watch Captains in order to cover all the homes. They need Watch Captains to help be the contact person for your area, in the event of an incident.  They would like the Watch Captains to contact every home in their area to see if they are onboard with being a part of the neighborhood watch program. They would like for this to occur over the next couple of months with February being our deadline. This is a long process and if you and a few others in your area volunteer to contact your neighbors it will go quickly. The Block Captains are a contact person for their area, the more we know our neighbors the safer our community will be. Please consider volunteering for this program. Contact Debi Tierney at safeinpolofields@gmail.com or at 269-876-7043!

Submission of information is totally voluntary and any information provided will only be used to contact residents with cameras should any incidents occur. This information can be corroborated alongside of vehicles that may have entered the neighborhood around the same timeframe.

The Speed Limit in the community is 25 mph. Please watch your speed in the neighborhood.